We all know that no one’s perfect and that there’s always room for improvement. There exists a lot of common mistakes in exterior decoration that people do tend to make.

Mistakes which harm the aesthetics, practicality or harmony of any home. It must also be said that these errors can be easily fixed or avoided. So, after we’ve introduced you to a common problem or set of problems, it would seem logical to tell you how to avoid them, right? Well, without further ado, let’s get to it!

Mistake No. 1 – No planning

Alright, this is an easy one, but it is also the most common one. Worth adding is the fact that it can also cause a whole bunch of other problems as well. Some of which will be listed here.

Planning involves measuring the lengths, widths, heights of furniture, square footages of rooms, looking at 3D vizualizations or mock-ups, consulting construction experts and browsing real-life examples.

First piece of recommendation – don’t expect to find and buy everything online. Even if you find better prices on the web, go and look at the thing in a physical store. Touch, look, examine. Try to sense whether your purchase will suit your home!

Mistake No. 2 – Choosing low-quality goods

Mistake No. 1 – No planning

We understand that lower prices are always attractive. However, when it comes to house ownership, and your livelihood, you should not compromise. Longevity, durability and aesthetics are not the areas where you want issues because replacing exterior elements is a very long, tiring and challenging process that almost always requires the involvement of professionals. Always look to purchase thicker boards, smoother wood, and anything else that resembles high quality.

Besides, no one wants to live in a home which looks poorly put together.

Mistake No. 3 – Soundproofing

A huge issue, in Europe at least, is the poor sound isolation in even modern apartment blocks. Neighbours can hear each other think and blink. However, homeowners think that soundproofing isn’t an issue for them. They’re wrong.

Foil is cheap but if it raindrops come in contact with a metal foil roof, you’ll quickly become annoyed with the sound. Same applies for wind rustling, hailstorms.

Windows and doors should also be properly insulated unless you like being woken up at 4:30 AM by an ensemble of birds.

Mistake No. 4 – Not thinking long-term

Mistake No. 4 – Not thinking long-term

We touched on this a bit in the No.2 mistake paragraph but short-term mindsets really do harm a lot of homeowners. People have a tendency to impulse buy or to trust their own gut better than the advice of professionals and end up with an unsatisfactory product.

When it comes to fencing, roofing, decking or whatever else, always be confident that the current aesthetic could withstand the environment and trend changes for the coming 2 decades. If it does – it’s likely a good idea. If it doesn’t – think things over.

For example, there was a time when Tudor style architecture was chic and cool. However, time proved that this was a short-lived trend and nowadays, trying to sell or preserve such a home is an enormous burden.

Mistake No. 5 – Preferring artificial over natural

Not everyone but some people always think that natural goods are inferior to artificially made products. That is not always the case and proves to be especially not true in the case of interior and exterior décor. Thinks like wooden siding, fencing or whatever else can not just look nice, they do withstand the test of time and are as durable as most metals.

However, some might oppose the idea and claim that wood easily burns, that it looks generic and rustic. Well, have you heard about the Japanese wood-burning technique Yakisugi? It carbonises regular wood and makes it fire and waterproof but breathable. Such timber is called Shou Sugi Ban. It is versatile and durable, thus owners can get beautiful Shou sugi ban flooring, and amazing exterior elements as well.
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