If you live in Sydney, consider yourself lucky because you get to enjoy scenic views while getting the perks of robust city life. This is one of Australia’s largest cities, which is known for being home to the legendary Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

Whether you live in a government townhome or you bought your own house, it is a pleasure to live in this bustling capital of New South Wales because you have access to excellent restaurants, beaches, waterways, and more.

Being in the heart of NSW means you have instant access to professionals whenever a problem arises. One common issue is your home’s plumbing. There are services that are ready to help you when it comes to leaks, weird water pressures, or even a blocked drain in Sydney.

But be very selective in choosing a plumber because you’re welcoming this stranger to the most private parts of your home. To help smoothen your home’s plumbing work, consider asking the following questions below.

Do you have a plumbing or business license?

Do you have a plumbing or business license
The law dictates that a plumber in Sydney and the rest of NSW must be licensed and regulated by the local state authority. This license means your plumber has passed all the regulatory tests and screenings.

When you’re interviewing your prospective plumber, always ask for their license and business permit. This proves their credibility and the legitimacy of their plumbing operations. Be sure to check the license date because you want an experienced plumber who can get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Who shall be entering my home to do the work?

Verify that the person you’re speaking with is not just a subcontractor. Make sure that you know the credentials of the person who is going into your home to fix the plumbing. Ask for credentials and work experience. Most reputable plumbing companies do a background check on all their employees, so it is easy for them to show you documentation for your peace of mind.

What is the estimated cost to fix my plumbing issues?

Do not be embarrassed to talk about the price. Reputable plumbers will always welcome this question. They are willing to give you a ballpark figure if you make a phone inquiry, but they will insist on analyzing your piping issues before they give a concrete estimated cost to help you with your repairs.

A good plumber wants to see the job, and what it entails so he can see what parts are needed.

For instance, your blocked drain may need new pipes or just irrigation to get the clog moving. After the visual inspection, you will receive an estimate on both parts and the cost of labour.

Do you have insurance?

Do you have insurance
A responsible plumber will always have insurance for any unexpected occurrences while on the job. This covers all sorts of issues from home damage, injuries, accidents, and the like. Insurance coverage is both for the plumber and the client’s protection.

As his client, you don’t want to be held legally liable for any plumbing related injuries while he is at your house in Double Bay. You must ask this question, and double-check the papers of your plumber before hiring his services.

Final Word

Remember, it is your job to research the plumber coming into your home. Always settle on the price upfront, whether it is materials or fixed versus hourly rates, so you won’t get any unwelcome surprises when billing time comes. Now that you know these vital questions, you can get a service to fix that blocked drain in Sydney.