Using steel reinforcement to create various design elements within a space is a relatively new concept. This unique take on the industrial chic vibe that’s so popular in today’s modern design world provides a way to use a material that’s so unexpected, and turn it into something that’s both versatile and beautiful. It’s the very nature of its strength and durability, making such a practical and useful material, ideal for so many different purposes. Using steel reinforcement from Reozone as part of your home design can be accomplished in a variety of different ways that are identified here.

Wine Rack

Where you can use steel reinforcement is only limited by your imagination, but you better start with the most popular applications. Making your own wine rack out of steel reinforcement is the first way to utilize its usefulness. This idea works well whether you’re a wine connoisseur and have a large collection, or if you only have a few bottles. All you need to do is create a crisscross pattern, making the rack to whatever size you see fit. If need be, you could make the wine rack cover an entire wall.

Stair Railing

Another way you can use steel reinforcement in your home design is to replace your boring wood railing with it. It will really give your space that industrial appearance that you’re looking for. While you’re at it, why not use it for your outdoor deck railing as well?  To really give it a modern look, try stacking the railing horizontally as opposed to vertically.

Storage System

Creating a storage system out of steel reinforcement is a very popular look. You’re essentially forming the steel into a series of cubes, stacked on top of one another. The great thing about it is that you can stretch it out as large as you need it to be. Next, you take several wooden storage cubes and place them within several of the steel cubes. This creates perfect locations for you to store books, decorative accents, or plants.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete kitchen countertops are currently all the rage. They have the industrial look that many people are looking for. In addition to this, because concrete has become so popular, it’s being used in new and unexpected ways throughout the home, such as on floors, ceilings, and walls. Steel reinforcement mesh is required when working with concrete.

Unique Furniture

You can make your own barstools out of steel reinforcement. You just need to weld the base out of the steel and choose whatever cushion or seat that matches your décor.

It’s really up to you how you use steel reinforcement to create furniture. You could also use it as the arms or part of the back extension of a chair. You can even use it to make a coffee table. The steel reinforcement becomes the legs and sides, and you just attach the wood on top of it.

The great thing about steel reinforcement is that you always have the option to paint it to match your décor.

Decorative Pieces

Many homeowners are looking for a statement piece to really put the finishing touches on their space. Having an out-of-the-ordinary piece of artwork made of steel reinforcement is a great way to accomplish this. Because this material is so versatile, you can turn it into all sorts of things, such as eye-catching light fixtures, coat racks, towel racks, and even unique works of art.

Drawer Pulls

You can make your own cabinet and drawer pulls out of steel reinforcement. This will give your kitchen or bathroom an uncommon touch.

Use As A Room Divider

If you live in a studio apartment, perhaps, you need a way to provide some semblance of separation between one part of your apartment and another. This can be done by creating a wall out of rebar cubes, with an opening for you to walk through, of course. This will really lend your studio apartment a unique industrial flair.

In The Garden

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to make a garden trellis is to use steel reinforcement. A trellis is a framework that’s used as a support for trees or climbing plants to grow. Because steel reinforcement is flexible, it can be bent to make an arch, a tunnel, or a dome-like trellis. All you need to do is put the steel reinforcement where you want it, and tie it in place with wire.

Another way to use steel reinforcement in the garden is to create a plant holder out of it. Much like you would create a wine rack, you would just create a rack that could hold your potted plants.

Bending And Cutting Steel Reinforcement

Easy to work with, steel reinforcement of up to ½ inch in diameter is able to be bent and cut by hand. If the steel reinforcement is larger than this, it usually needs special equipment to be manipulated, such as hydraulic shears and benders.

To bend it, put the steel reinforcement on the ground. Take a long metal pipe and place the steel within it, about six inches from where you would like to bend it. Place your foot several inches back from where you would like to bend the steel. While pressing firmly back with your foot, raise the pipe off the ground until the bar is bent to the angle you’re looking for.

Steel reinforcement can be sharp, heavy, and can create sparks when cut, so be sure to protect yourself. Use a metal-cutting hacksaw blade to saw it. You may need to step on the bar as it’s being cut as it has a tendency to roll around. As cut steel reinforcement is sharp and hot, always wear gloves.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s a reason why steel reinforcement design is trending and used by a lot of homeowners. Its surprisingly charming aesthetic works well in a number of different applications. If modern industrial is your cup of tea, use steel reinforcement as your next chosen design material.