Steady growth in the number of casinos across the globe has been recorded over the past few years, consequently shooting up the frauds and crimes within these illuminated halls. From being the exclusive possession of the luxurious city of Las Vegas, casinos have grown to take the form of both brick and digital structures in many parts of the world.
Legalities and security of the money producing edifices have always been under the light of skepticism. The legal issues of land-based casinos were resolved decades back, while online casinos came into the picture long after that. Online casinos have layers that could be malicious ones, which are being checked continuously to be uprooted. Many of the recent technologies have given birth to enhanced security systems in both land-based and online casinos to ensure the safety of the genuine gamblers.

Securing Land-Based casinos

Security provided within a casino depends solely on the regulations set by the country in which it is located. Surveillance of every gaming zone and entrances is imperative in the vast area traversed by the casino. All gambling areas, including the table games, slot machines, card games, and bingo arena has to be covered using compact video cameras all day around. Apart from gaming, the casino cage, gaming salons, security offices, and count rooms have to be under surveillance. Cameras that can capture high-quality videos of the surroundings are required here since crimes could happen in the subtlest of ways. Recordings that have to be retained for about 90 days are to be captured at a minimum of 30 FPS and require significant storage and bandwidth.

North American Video (NAV) was installed in many of the casinos as an initial check for the robbery attempts and criminal activities. It, later on, grew to be the most widely used technology to secure the casino grounds. While such technologies were incorporated in many of the casinos, several others decided to rely on the local gaming regulators to handle these issues. They later implemented these permanent solutions into their gaming areas and parking lots to improve their security.

Online Casino Security

In time, the analog cameras that were being used in the initial days were replaced by digital cameras. With this new technology came better features of precision, data storage, and advanced software. According to, the latest technologies include facial recognition and license plate readers, which help the authorities to keep an eye on the suspicious players and their activities. The captured data would be compared with the past cases to get hold of the culprit. Experts say that certain tweaks to facial recognition are required for it to work even more efficiently, as the present ones don’t function well enough to read the faces of the moving patrons.

Online Casino Security

Signing up on an online casino would be as easy and convenient as it sounds, but the decision to do so isn’t made in minutes. Safety of your details on the platform should always be of primary concern. Not many casinos lurk in the web to stealthily prey on you as regulations have been strictly imposed on such criminal activities. Most of the reliable casinos have now incorporated technologies to keep your data safe. Picking the right casino for your kind of game should be only after scouring all the sites for the most trustworthy information about them.

Encryption technology has made the casinos more impregnable for hackers to slide in and feed on the details of the players. Try not to fall for all casinos that look appealing, check for its features and make sure that it offers nothing less than 128-bit SSL data encryption. If you go for casinos that provide data encryption less than the mentioned number, accountability of any hacks will fall on you. When security is on top of your list, invest considerable time and effort to check for the best casino in your country. Check for the eCOGRA seal of approval on the site, which to a great extent guarantees you a safe game.

Play Safe- Eventuate to the Win

Trying your luck by rolling a bet on the cash-grabbing colors is the spirit of casinos, which is not always available in the purest form. Hacks and thefts are the most common killers of fun. Hence, the gambling industry has installed advanced technologies to highly secure both the land-based and online casinos. Curb the practise of giving away all your details before trust is built, and make sure to play safe by picking the casinos at the forefront.