Home security is vital when you’re looking to safeguard your home, yourself, and your loved one to minimize the risk against burglars targeting your residence.

1. Give The Appearance Of Being At Home

When you’re going on vacation or going out for supper with friends, make sure you install a timer for lights, leave the TV or the radio on to give the illusion that someone is at home. This can easily be managed by installing timers

2. Keep Your House Illuminated

Keep Your House Illuminated
Installing sensor lighting around your home is an excellent and cost-efficient method of surrounding the perimeters of your property with alert lighting. The brighter the light around your property is, the less likely it is for thieves to target your home since there’s no way to get close without being noticed.

3. Make Friends With Your Neighbors

Criminals often keep a watch on a targeted property before they break-in, keeping tabs on your comings and goings. If you get to know your neighbors, it’s easy to spot people that look out of place.

4. Pruning Away Greenery

Bushy trees and large shrubs equip criminals with the perfect hiding spots from yourself, passers-by and neighbors. Make sure you keep the greenery surrounding your property and home trimmed to protect yourself from unexpected attacks.

5. Consider Installing Intruder Deterrent Gadgets

Installing Intruder Deterrent Gadgets
There are many home burglar deterrent gadgets that you can install at your property to keep criminals at bay for example:

Warning signs that let criminals know your home is secured
Fake TV burglar deterrents
Alarms that mimic barking dogs
Security cameras with light features
Outdoor security cameras
Motion sensor lighting
Door wedges with silent alarm triggers
Digital keypad door locks
Window alarms etc.

6. Keeping Windows Closed

Leaving windows open (despite having secure fencing or burglar bars) gives intruders an easy way in. Make a habit of making sure all windows are securely locked. If you need to keep a window open for pets, consider installing a lock latch.

7. Installing The Right Doors

Installing The Right Doors
One of the most significant security blunders homeowners can make is installing glass doors which can give burglars quick access to the door handle after they’ve broken the glass. Be mindful when you choose doors and installing security gates is highly beneficial in adding extra security.

8. Switching Passwords Regularly

Burglar alarms are a necessity for a home to ensure appropriate security measures but remember to change your alarm codes every now and again, particularly if you’ve given the code to a service provider recently to gain access to your home.

9. Changing The Locks

Can you remember when last you have replaced your keys? This is essential when you are a new homeowner or tenant since you don’t know who may still have a copy of the keys before when you moved in. It’s possible that previous tenants may still have copies. With new locks and a new set of keys, you can rest assured that you’re the only person with keys to your residence.