8 Creative Items to Place in Side Tables and Coffee Tables

Tables and Coffee Tables

When it comes to living rooms, coffee tables and side tables hold prominent places. They can draw attention and perform important functions. The way you style your coffee tables and side tables matters as it can define a space and reflect your personality. Actually, styling them is an art that requires your attention and every bit of your creative spirit.

Designing and styling your living room tables depend on the look and feel of the place. Is everything in modern design, or are there natural elements in the room? Getting to know the space you are working on will help a lot in your choice of coffee- and side-table decors. Here are some unique ways that you can style them, both for aesthetics and functionality.

Play with Colors

Coffee tables usually draw the eyes, and what better way to do this than through an amazing play with colors. Learn to blend or contrast by incorporating colorful pieces on your displays.

If you have a neutral living room, you can play it up with pops of colors, as in the form of watercolor molten glass bow as a centerpiece or floating candles in pastel hues filling up a brass tray. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try out bold colors. They give a fresh and interesting vibe to your living spaces.

Take Nature Inside

Take Nature Inside
Another way to dress your coffee table with a refreshing look is by integrating natural elements like potted green plants or succulents in a dish. The organic Western appeal of short-cropped cactus will give your coffee table and side table a natural touch. They are also low-maintenance, so they won’t take a lot of your time to care for.

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Show Off Your Books

Show Off Your Books
Stacks of books are not only great on display; they are also good conversation starters. So they are highly recommended in any coffee tables. You can stack them creatively and add a decorative item on top. Choose covers with colors that go well together, creating a rainbow effect.

The great part about books as centerpieces? You can change your selections every week. You may want to have a theme for a certain period, where your book displays can evolve with your interests, from classics to gardening.

Artsy Candlesticks

Artsy Candlesticks
Candlesticks are such classic decors when it comes to many homes. They make any space warm and inviting too, especially during autumn and winter seasons.
There are many candlesticks to choose from, like the mismatched polished silver candlesticks that you can arrange with candles on the platter to give an eclectic look. There are also modern candlesticks in white or other neutral colors that you can offset with a pretty and colorful candle display.

Floral Arrangements

There is nothing more eye-catching than a display of flowers in any coffee and side table. A good floral arrangement adds a burst of freshness and fragrance to the room, bringing it to life.
You can have a little fun by exploring different color combinations and varying their containers. You can use good old-fashioned vases or put them in a bowl. You can also house them in a basket with a vase inside to give the floral arrangement a rustic vibe.

Since flowers can be expensive, you can save up by being resourceful and creative with where you put them. There are cheap glass vases that can take up the role and are ideal and easy to replace, especially when you have little children who move a lot and break things.

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Functional Tray

Functional Tray
There is a reason trays are a fixture in most coffee tables and side tables. They keep things you want to display in one place, like your gem or shell collection. Aside from their functionality, they also add personality to a table without the cluttered look.
Trays come in many style and designs. If you are keen on displaying different items together but want to make sure they have a unified look, then a tray is in order. Just remember that items that don’t fit in the tray can be removed.

Night Lamp

Night Lamp
Lamps are not just functional. They also add a certain character to space. Many modern homes have made use of lamps to decorate their side tables.
Aside from mixing and matching lamps with different bases and shades and those in interesting hues, you will surely find one that will go along with other elements in the room. They won’t only aid you when you want to indulge in a late-night reading, but they will also transform your bedside’s look.

Family Memento

Family Memento
What’s a coffee or side table without some family memento on it? You can frame your favorite photos and display them on a side table.

Your living room is also a place where visitors want to browse through something to pass the time. It can be in the form of books, magazines, or photo albums. Or you can also consider getting personalized board books that you can buy or create yourself for your kids. Children would love to spend the time going through their pages while they also make a wonderful display in a coffee table.

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Start Decorating Now

Tables Start Decorating Now
Most coffee tables are the anchor of the living room. Aside from their purpose of providing a place to keep things handy when you hang out in the living room, they are also the visual focal point that draws the eyes. It is only sensible to decorate them appropriately. In fact, you can try out a variety of ways to dress them up and have fun while doing so.