With many neighborhoods going co-op and more regulations with what you can or cannot do with your house in regards to the neighborhood that you live in, you might be wondering how to make your house standout without upsetting the neighborhood housing cooperative. Luckily, there are ample amounts of options to make your house stand out in your neighborhood that aren’t too flashy and don’t involve painting your house hot pint.

How To Stand Apart

With all of the cookie cutter housing districts going up, it is becoming harder and harder to make your house feel like yours. This is especially true from the outside. You can do whatever you like on the inside but the outside usually remains somewhat regulated by the housing board.

But, there are options for changing your house and your curb appeal without upsetting your neighbors or anyone else around. Listed here are the top seven ways to make your house different from all the rest in your neighborhood:

1. Your Front Door

Your front door can give you many options. As your door likely came with the style of your home and was carefully selected by the construction contractors that constructed all of the other houses in your neighborhood, then changing it will give you a fresh look. There are numerous ways to change your door. In fact, you can change the style of the door and the overall look of your home by the style change. You can also change the design of the door. You can change the color of the door and if this isn’t something that is regulated by your co-op then you can also go as bright or vibrant as you like. You can also add windows or take out the windows on your front door. The options are seemingly endless when it comes to front doors.

2. Your Mailbox

Your mailbox is another fun option that you can and should change in order to make your house stand out from the others in your neighborhood. When you get your customized mailboxes, you can choose the exact type and style that you are looking for to match the appearance of your home. You can choose to stand out on the block as much as you like or you can choose to add a sleek new look that enhances your home’s curb appeal. There are many options for customized mailboxes and sizes as well. The mailman will never miss your house again once you have your brand new customized mailbox in front of your home.

3. Your Garage Door

Another fun option that can be up for grabs is your garage door. You can change the style, color and design of your garage door in order to up your curb appeal or make your home different. There are many styles of garage doors on the market and the overall look of your garage door can vastly change the entire look of your home. You can find unique garage doors that go with your home’s decor and overall outdoor ambiance. Your garage door can also be used to create the ambiance that you center the rest of your outside space around.

4. Your Lawn

There are many creative options with your lawn and with your landscaping. This can be a fun, ongoing project or you can hire someone to design your lawn for you. With all of the lawn care options out there, you can find the right designer to take over or you can do it yourself step-by-step. Once you add some flowers and other essential lawn items to your yard then your home will stand out and your curb appeal will shoot through the roof.

5. Your Windows

Windows can vastly improve the look of any home. If you have your factory windows or windows that don’t give much to your home, then you can change them in order to change the overall look of your home. New windows give you many more benefits as well as they can help to conserve your energy costs by keeping cool air inside in the summer and warm air inside in the winter.

6. Outdoor Furniture

Another consideration for your overall look of the exterior of your home is to consider your outdoor furniture. This is something to consider when utilizing porch space. There are nice lawn chairs or outdoor furniture that can be added to your porch as well as a nice, comfy porch swing. This will help your house to stand out while also adding to the comfort of your porch. You’ll want to be sure that you are choosing high quality outdoor furniture as you want to add to the curb appeal rather than take away from it. An old couch sitting on a porch does nothing for the curb appeal. In fact, it can do quite the opposite. But a nice porch swing with bright pillows and cushions on it can spruce up your look a lot.

7. Plants

Along with your landscaping, the placement of plants can really spruce up a home as well. You can hang plants on your porch and plant them in front of your home. This can be added into your lawn care routine or can be an added hobby on the side. A house with plants hanging on the porches and even in the windows will give the home much more curb appeal as it will feel more comfortable and homey.

These were seven of the many ways that you can add to the curb appeal of your home. There are many options for sprucing up your yard, porch, windows, doors and mailbox. One of the most fun ways is to pick out a customized mailbox, which sets you apart from anyone else on the block. The front door is another great option that is a bit cheaper to do than a whole new set of garage doors. If you aren’t limited on your color choices as per your neighborhood rules, then you can choose vibrant fun colors for both your doors and mailbox.