Living in a house with hard water is not only inconveniencing but can also be a costly problem. As groundwater flows through your pipe, the dissolved minerals are heated up, leaving scale and build-up that can damage your pipes, fixtures and appliances.

Rainwater is pure and free from minerals. However, as it flows through the ground, it absorbs minerals such as magnesium and calcium. Water that has collected lots of minerals is classified as hard water. This water may not harmful to your health but can cause a lot of damage to your home.

How Does a Water Softener Work?

It treats hard water by getting rid of the minerals through the process of ion-exchange. Mineral ions that harden water and cause damage are trapped by resin and replaced with sodium or potassium ions. So what are the signs you need a water softener Utah?

1. Staining

Since hard water contains dissolved metals and minerals, it can form unsightly, stubborn stains and scaly deposits on your sinks, faucets, bathtubs and toilets. If the problem persists for a prolonged duration, it can cause a lot of damage warranting replacement of stained items and use of a water softener Utah.

2. Scale Buildup

Mineral deposits, commonly known as scale can build up on your kettles, pots, glassware, dinnerware and cutlery. This is in the form of a hard, chalky film that is quite difficult to get rid of. Worse still scale can build up in appliances that use water such as washing machines, dishwashers and even inside your plumbing system, resulting in expensive repairs.

3. Faded Laundry

Hard water makes soaps and detergents less effective. It also leaves a scummy residue that can cause your clothes to become dull, fade or even develop a foul smell. It can also cause premature wearing of fabrics. To prevent this, you need to get in touch with your supplier of water softener Utah.

4. Dry Skin and Hair

The metals and minerals in hard water can leave your hair and skin dry, itchy and flaky. They can also clog your skin pores, causing inflammation, pimples and blackheads. Because soap can’t dissolve as it should, a sticky film can linger on your skin that can harbor dirt and bacteria. This film can also make your hair dull, dry and limp.

5. Water Heater Malfunctioning

One of the most costly damages that can be caused by hard water is the malfunctioning or failing of your water heater. Hard water can lead to premature aging of your water heater, especially if it’s an electric one since it accelerates the formation of scale in the tank and also on the heating elements.

6. High Utility Bills

If you notice that your utility bills are rising, you may want to check your plumbing for signs of scale build-up. Accumulated scale clogs pipes over time. This causes your heating system to use more energy to push water through. This build-up also compromises the energy efficiency of hot water heaters and boilers.

7. Frequent Plumbing Problems

As mineral deposits build up inside your pipes, the pump works harder to push water through. Not only does this cause energy inefficiency, but also a host of plumbing problems and decreased water pressure.

If you are experiencing one or a number of these signs, you are in urgent need of a water softener Utah.