Renovating your house doesn’t always have to be a lavish affair, especially if you have a limited budget. With these six renovation ideas, you can make a difference without crippling your bank account.

Creating Natural Light Without Using Windows

You can introduce natural light into the house without using invasive ways like making large holes in the walls or installing new windows. Windowless options which are affordable include installing different lights and painting the walls a lighter color. You can also connect a light tube that collects light from the roof rafter and reflects it into the living room.
Creating Natural Light Without Using Windows

Not Focusing On Size But Rather On Efficiency

By arranging and equipping your kitchen with maximum efficiency will prevent the need for demolishing walls to make more space. Instead of shelves that use up a lot of space, you can install cabinet drawers instead. The recommended height for pull-out drawers is more or less eight inches. This will offer extra space for storing household items or canned goods.

Upgrading The Front Door

You can liaise with an expert interior designer about different options to renovate your front door. Instead of replacing it, you can consider painting it. Upgrading the front door will boost the value of your home when you are selling it. You can think about budget-friendly options like using a customized model which is furnished with faux wood. However, quality wood is the more durable option.

Opting For Tiles

Opting For Tiles
Installing tiles or a new kitchen worktop are desirable options when homeowners choose for a kitchen remodel. To elude unnecessary cleaning, you can go for a smart worktop that offers efficiency as well as easy cleaning. Lamination is another cost-effective option for a worktop since it is a lot cheaper than other choices. Laminated tiles can provide a noticeable change which gives an impression of an upscale house design.

Changing Rugs

Rugs give a home that comfortable and lively feel. Investing in a customized carpet with a great texture can instantly give any room a makeover. The best color options for carpets or rugs are those that blend well with the paint on the walls.

Painting Of The Inside And Outside

Many exterior surfaces can be revamped by adding paint that you probably didn’t know about. If your home has a brick façade that you’re looking to upgrade, you won’t be able to paint the brick. But you can opt for an exclusive stain which is specially formulated for masonry. It is mineral-based and invigorates the color of the existing brick without damaging it. Often the smaller alterations make the most significant impact. For instance, painting the window frames to alter the exterior look of your home can make a substantial impact. While most homeowners tend to stick to traditional colors when painting their home, accessories can be utilized to add a touch of color. You can place a flowerpot on the front porch, which has a vibrant shade of green or blue.
Painting Of The Inside And Outside


There are many simple renovation ideas that you can utilize to spruce up the overall look of your home without having to fork out a large sum of money. Use your creativity to transform your space into the desired look.