Are you getting tired of the current look of your bathroom? If you’re thinking about doing some remodelling, you are probably looking for some inspiration that will help you take this room to the next level. Well, then keep on reading for the hottest trends in bathroom renovation for 2019/2020.

Create a Wet Room

In case you have the opportunity to fully redo your bathroom, you can consider a completely different layout. Doing it from scratch means that you get to create a wet room which will definitely give you a spa-like feeling every time you walk in. This approach will require you to have a separate area for your shower and bathtub and a separate area for your sink and toilet. These areas can be completely separated with walls and doors but if you’re short on space, you can build a half wall or install a best shower door for tub which will create a nice barrier without taking up too much space. If you do manage to turn your bathroom into two individual units, they will be more accessible and the clean-up will be much easier.
Create a Wet Room

Introduce an Interesting Tile

When talking about the currently popular trends in bathroom design, we cannot overlook the importance of choosing interesting tiles. Regardless of whether you’re remodelling this area from scratch or are just looking for one new element to bring that wow factor, tiles are certainly a huge consideration here. While subway tiles have been quite popular in the last few years, the future is all about statement tiles. You can look for bold colours and eye-catching patterns; you can use these for the floor or the walls. The options here are truly limitless. However, seeing as how the bathroom is usually a smaller space, too many patterns and bold colours could be overwhelming so it might be good if you applied these tiles to a limited area – for example, as the sink backsplash or the space around the tub or shower.

Opt for Floating Elements

One of the many benefits of a bathroom remodel is that it can provide you with more space. In case your bathroom is of the smaller variety, this might be exactly what you need. To create this illusion of a bigger room, you should consider floating fixtures. Nowadays, there is a huge range of different elements that can be mounted on the wall, from toilets to vanities. Seeing as how they come in all sorts of styles, finding pieces that match your aesthetic will not be difficult.

Get Coloured Pieces

Experimenting with colour is definitely welcome when remodelling your bathroom and in addition to an interesting tile, there are other ways how you can do this. For instance, keeping in mind that metallic and pastel shades are expected to peak in popularity in 2020, you can consider getting some painted fixtures. Look for a tub that is coral or turquoise on the outside, a unique looking metallic sink or shower frames and doors that have a striking design. You might have to dig around a little bit but you will surely find a piece that will take everything to the next level.

Think About Wallpaper

For a smaller project, you can choose to only repaint the walls of your bathroom. On the other hand, another trend is opting for wallpaper instead of paint. Seeing as how wallpapers come in so many colours, patterns and designs, your bathroom can be something very unique, especially if you decide to combine several styles. However, keep in mind that busy wallpaper patterns in a small bathroom can make this room feel even more cramped. This is why you need to come up with a strategy in terms of what you will do. You can choose a less extravagant wallpaper and apply it to all the walls or get something really ornate and create a statement wall while keeping the rest a bit more toned down.
Think About Wallpaper

Choose the Mirror(s) Wisely

Finally, it is essential to find the right mirror for your bathroom. Sure, every bathroom has a mirror (or two) but we oftentimes don’t think about it too much and just get the first one we see. Bear in mind that 2020 will put focus on practicality which is why you should look for something that is easy to clean. Therefore, look for pieces with simple frames or even consider going frameless. Luckily, there are many styles and shapes to choose from. However, while trends come and go, something that is truly timeless is the rectangular design (be it framed or not).

If you decide to renovate your bathroom in the near future, these six tips are definitely something you should consider. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour, whether it’s in terms of tiles, wallpaper or fixtures, think of a different layout and new elements and don’t forget about finding the right mirror. Regardless of what you pick, you will surely make this space more enjoyable.