6 Great Tips for Remodeling Bathrooms

House renovation is a difficult task and the toughest can be the bathrooms which go through a lot of wear and tear due to the water. When you plan on renovating, all the good ideas are too costly or they just don’t seem right.

The problem is trying to do something new with traditional ideas. But there is a whole variety of installations and design techniques that can get you the look you want.

Consider these trendy remodeling tips and bathroom accessories to help you modernize your bathrooms.

Recycling Furniture into Vanities

Illuka timber vanity
The antique look are totally in fashion, with rugged walls and dated rough wood making a statement wherever they are seen. A cheap and brilliant idea is to use old desks or drawers as new vanities, but there are some considerations.

Water isn’t suitable for furniture so it should be coated with waterproof layering before installed. A Great look with a vintage style vanity is a ceramic counter-top sink. These installations go perfectly well with all kinds of existing plumbing, meaning you save yourself from the extensive work too.

A desk as a vanity means ample space on the counter and old furniture has a sturdy quality which you can rely on to hold until the next renovation is due!

Bidet Toilet Seats

Bidet Toilet Seats
Introduce technology to your bathroom with bidet toilet seats whose main feature is to rinse you off once you have used the toilet. There is an option of manual and automatic bidet seats, and the customization doesn’t stop there.

Automatic seats have great features such as seat warmers, controlled water pressure, air drying options and they are also environment friendly as they use water sparingly due to their intelligent programming.

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Bidet toilet seats are a great improvement to any bathroom and can offer a completely new experience.

Tiles as a Secret Ingredient

Tiles as a Secret Ingredient
Fully tiled bathrooms are a costly option and they may not always look good. A clever way around it is to use tile, paint and textured walls as a mixture to get a complete yet affordable look.

Tiles can be used to highlight certain areas such as the shower cabin or the towel rack. Matching paint with the tile can give an innovative look. If the bathroom is small, using tiles in horizontal lines can give it the illusion of being spacious as well.

Bathtubs and boundary walls always look best with textured walls, be it neat vertical panels, checkered walls, or rocky if that’s the style you prefer. The flooring can be wood textured which brings out color scheme of the bathroom and also gives it a classy finish

Combinations of Black & White

Combinations of Black & White
By picking out certain areas of the bathroom and turning them to a “black & white” a bold yet classy look can e achieved. Slim vanities can be quickly remade using plain or pattern black tiles with a white ceramic sink to highlight the vanity area.

Giving toilet seats a lack background wall with either paint or tile can give it sophisticated makeover. Even in the shower area, black and white can be used in a contrast on the floor and wall tiles to bring out the corner exquisitely. To add, black & white bathroom utility sets (soap dispensers, toothbrush holders etc.) can complete the design.

Innovative Lighting

Innovative Lighting
Another factor which many people don’t consider while designing their baths is the lighting. It should be functional and fashionable in equal parts to get the most out of it. An important rule to adhere to is using the most of natural light using windows. It can make the bath surprisingly well-lit.

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LED lights are currently popular and along with their great designs, they save energy and they are very bright! Self-illuminated mirrors, rope lights in the shower area, and purpose made vanity lights add a great touch to the bathroom. Additionally, mirrors and lights combinations can also give a wide look to the area.

Shower Head and Speakers

Shower Head and Speakers
Kohler is the leading brand in bathroom fittings and accessories. They re-establish their brilliance by combining technology with a basic installation. Chargeable bluetooth speakers which fit onto the shower head give a whole new definition to music in the shower.

Shower head and speakers are the best way to incorporate entertainment in the bathroom. They aren’t too pricey either, making them a good choice if you plan on replacing your old shower heads. These shower heads are also designed to use water sparingly, hence are environment friendly.

The suggestions above are just a few to get you thinking outside the box, and make some exciting changes when you remodel your bathroom this time. Its always a good idea to experiment, and adding tech can never go wrong so go forth with your ideas and design the bathroom of the future!