Budget and beautiful interior design go together — trust me.

Beautiful design is not just about spending lots of money on art and complex design pieces — it’s about creating beautiful and functional spaces where people will be happy relaxing, talking, eating, sleeping, and doing everything else…

Are you a proud new home-owner looking for some savvy and budget-conscious interior design ideas? Read on for five cheap(er) ways to furnish your new house…

Scavenge & upcycle

A modern living room is a beautiful thing (check out these 25 awesome designs), but that doesn’t mean you need to necessarily run out and buy everything brand new right away.

See if you can scavenge and get some furniture together from friends, family, and colleagues.
Scavenge & upcycle
There might be some great pieces lying around at local thrift stores too — retro and antique have both made a bit of a furniture design comeback.

Rescued pieces are often just crying out for a quick upcycling job. Sanding, painting, re-upholstering — all of these are great ways to breathe new life into old furniture, and these skills are easy to pick up. (And what a great way to put your own stamp on your first home and your mom’s old cabinet).

Bonus? It’s better for the environment too.

Invest in one stunning piece

One amazing piece of furniture or a feature wall of stunning wallpaper can be enough to carry a whole space.

You don’t need to necessarily have 5-star luxury everywhere, but have a few key ‘wow’ pieces that you’ve invested some time or money into.

These focal points mean that you can then have much simpler and cheaper furniture made of less expensive materials elsewhere in your home.

Cheap ways to achieve this? Don’t get an expensive sofa, but invest in gorgeous soft furnishings like pillows instead.

Use inexpensive materials like wicker and wood to create visually impressive focal points.

Tip: natural textures are in, and they cost less too! Ditch the chrome for inexpensive pine.

One room at a time

Don’t do the whole house all at once — plan ahead and eke out the budget one room at a time.

Start with the most important rooms where you’ll be spending more time first (kitchen/kitchen diner, living room, bedroom etc) and finish up one room before you move on to the next.

Tip: Furniture financing may be an option for you to help spread the cost, but don’t get yourself into debt as a new homeowner.

Discount furniture & sales

Discount furniture & sales
Sites like Furniturebox offer quality furniture online at discount prices, but even pricier stores will have seasonal sales that you can make the most of.

Got your eye on a piece of furniture? Price comparison sites and money-saving newsletters can help you successfully stalk for a furniture bargain.

Some furniture colors are cheaper to manufacture and less popular with people so they tend to get quickly discounted (or sold at a cheaper price). Be savvy with your color choices and safe expensive and bold color for cheaper materials like textiles.

Aesthetic & functional pieces

Invest in aesthetic, yet practical, pieces that brighten up the room without taking up the space reserved for a necessary item.

You want your furniture to both serve a purpose and look good at the same time — it’s essentially the old ‘two in one’ trick.

Adhering to this tactic will stop you having to spend money on extra items to ‘decorate’ the space. Let your furniture do the talking for you.

Getting your own furniture for the first time can seem scary (and expensive). Use these top tips to make sure you end up with a beautiful first home without breaking the budget.