Terracotta tiles were a well-liked option centuries ago for copious ancient buildings and homes in Europe. They are manufactured from clay with a vibrant warm color and were subsequently named terracotta which refers to “baked earth.” Reclaimed terracotta originated from chateaux in France and salvaged farmhouses and was re-shaped into tiles used for roofs or floors.

The advantages of making use of salvaged Terracotta Tiling

1. Aesthetically pleasing

Aesthetically pleasing
The warm colors of these tiles, ranging from brown, red to yellow and more, gives your home a welcoming and earthy look. They can be bought in several shapes and sizes from rectangle to hexagon or square, perfect for whatever your style preference is.

2. Eco-friendly

Manufacturing these tiles do not require a vast amount of energy resources as they are recovered from older buildings. Not only does this mean they are friendly to the environment, but they come with a lower price tag.

3. Long-lasting

Terracotta tiles are built to last and resilient plus they can withstand a significant amount of wear and tear which makes them the perfect choice for flooring, particularly in areas with high foot traffic. Terracotta is fire and water-resistant, and the material is porous meaning they can easily absorb moisture. Once your floors are installed and sealed, they will last for years to come. However, they may need to be resealed every year to reduce the risk of cracking. It may sound like they require high maintenance, but it is worth it in the end as they can withstand bacteria and mold. Once they’ve been spilled on, the only necessary cleaning involves regular water and soap. Reclaimed Terracotta Tiles are especially suited for areas such as the restroom or outdoors which are susceptible to excessive moisture.

4. Cost-Effective

Whether you’re thinking about installing terracotta tiles in your kitchen, outdoor area or bathroom, they are a highly affordable choice. Although the prices differ according to the kind of terracotta, it will still be a cost-effective option. They offer great value for money due to the many advantages they have.

5. Authentic and distinctive

Authentic and distinctive
These tiles display a rich culture and tasteful beauty. Because they were manufactured hundreds of years ago, aesthetically they bring a quaint feel to the ambiance of your home which set them apart from other tiles. Due to their European heritage, they provide an authentic look which is unmatched.

Other advantages of reclaimed terracotta:

  • The color doesn’t fade and lasts for hundreds of years.
  • They are recyclable and low costing.
  • They are a hundred percent natural and sustainable.
  • They offer longstanding environmental benefits.


Salvaged terracotta tiling is an excellent choice for flooring due to their water and fire-resistant capabilities and tough exterior. They can be glazed which can prolong their longevity even more. If you are desire a unique European artistic look for your home, Terracotta offers you that old, classy and homey look that you are aiming for. These tiles are a trendy choice for kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and flooring.