It’s important to ask these questions before buying a new mattress. Keep reading for 5 key questions to ask before buying a new mattress.

It’s easy for anyone to overlook their mattress. You spend most of your time sleeping on it, not thinking about it. Yet, your mattress can improve your health by reducing stress and allergic reactions.

If you’re considering buying a new mattress, though, you might find yourself procrastinating because you don’t know what to ask. Keep reading and we’ll give you five essential questions you should ask before putting down your money.

1. What’s It Made From?

For years, coiled spring mattresses offered your only real choice of mattress. Now, you can get mattresses made from gel, memory foam, natural fibers, and many other options.
What’s It Made From
If you have specific health needs, your doctor can advise you about the best materials. Otherwise, look for a mattress that feels the most comfortable.

2. Does It Limit Motion Transfer?

Motion transfer happens when one person moves in the bed and the motion carries so the other person in bed feels it. Some mattress designs aim at minimizing that motion transfer as much as possible.

This can prove a real benefit if you or your partner are a restless sleeper. The mattress will help prevent the restless sleeper from waking up their partner over and over again at night.

3. What Are the Warranty Details?

A new mattress will almost always include a warranty, but the quality of the warranty varies. The lifespan of the mattress will also vary depending on materials. As a general rule of thumb, assume your new mattress will last around 5-10 years.
What Are the Warranty Details
As such, you want a warranty that offers solid coverage for at least that long. If you can get a warranty that lasts longer, even better. It generally means the manufacturer has high confidence in the mattress.

4. Where Should I Buy From?

Deciding where you should order your mattress from depends on your needs. Let’s say you plan on a cross-country move and don’t plan on bringing your old mattress. You might want an online seller, such as The Beloit Mattress Company, that can deliver a new mattress right to your new home
If you’re buying locally, you should look for a business that offers reasonable pricing and fees.

5. Do You Deliver

Even a twin size mattress will prove difficult to transport on your own. A queen or king size mattress will tax all but the largest trucks and vans. Add to that, mattresses are heavy and cumbersome. You could easily pull a muscle or throw out your back trying to move one yourself.
Do You Deliver
In short, you want a business that will deliver your mattress and install it on your bed.

Parting Thoughts on Buying a New Mattress

Buying a new mattress should end up being a positive thing in your life. You can expect a more comfortable night of sleep at the very least.
A new mattress can also help you deal with health problems or resolve allergies.

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