When you own a house, you know that you will be responsible for its repairs and maintenance. When you are buying a new house, the foundation repairs aren’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. But it’s good to know the signs of foundation problem before they become a disaster. The foundation of your house needs a perfect balance between the dryness and moisture. Moreover, foundation problems can lead to other costly home repairs, so it’s essential to get them fixed as early as possible. Here are the reasons why your home needs foundation repairs.

Uneven or Sagging Floors:

Uneven or Sagging Floors
The moisture in the soil beneath your house can cause it to expand or shift. If left untreated, it causes serious structural issues like cracks and leaks. These issues can compromise not only your safety but also the value of your home. If you notice soft spots in your flooring, and if a ball can easily roll down your living room floor, there is a problem in your foundation. Inadequate waterproofing can cause water to creep into the foundation and warp or crack your floors. The loose or hollow tiles indicate that the foundation beneath has dipped downward, resulting in uneven and sagging floors of your home. Contact foundation repair professionals at it’s too late.

Cracked, Uneven or Sticky Windows and Doors:

Hairline cracks on windows can also indicate a problem with the foundation of your house. If you notice that they get widen, it is a sign that the foundation is shifting. Uneven windows and doors do not open or close properly because they do not fit the frame squarely. It is a sign that your foundation needs to be repaired. Moreover, if there is no considerable humidity in your area and your doors or windows consistently stick for no apparent reason, it could also be a sign of shifting foundation. This happens because the movement of foundation causes the frame of doors and windows to twist out of balance.

Bugs or Termite Infestation:

Bugs or Termite Infestation
If your home has strangely high numbers of bugs, insects, or termite infestation, there can be cracks in your foundation. Centipedes, ants, pill bugs, earwigs, carpenter, and roaches are drawn to moist areas and can make their way into your place through foundation cracks. One simple crack can let termites find your home. Most termites from the soil can get inside your home through the width of a business card.

Cracks Appearing in Walls:

Although cracks in drywalls can appear due to many reasons like high humidity, water leakage from the roof, and problem in the drainage system. But if there are no such issues, these cracks indicate that your foundation is uneven. Pay attention to the wall areas above windows and doorways, and where the walls meet the ceiling, as cracks will usually start appearing from there. Bowing of walls also happen due to the soil movement under the foundation. The soil movement causes pressure and moisture buildup to bow your walls, so they appear to be folding in.
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Hence, the foundation problem continuously increases your repair costs if it is not treated timely. So it’s better to get your foundation repaired as soon as possible.