Your bathroom should be your sanctuary – it’s the one place in your home you cleanse your body and refresh yourself for the outside world. When you take a step into your bathroom first thing in the morning, you should be instantly transported to a luxurious, clean space that welcomes relaxation. Often, it’s easy to forget to spruce up your bathroom. After all, you’ve got your bedrooms, living area, and kitchen to worry about. If you think about the amount of time you spend in your bathroom, however, you’ll realise it mustn’t be neglected. Bring the luxury of the spa to your home with these 10 simple tips.

1. Add a Large Mirror

You can instantly increase how big your bathroom feels with a large mirror above your sink. You don’t have to rip out your plumbing for this one, simply choose a mirror that suits your preferred aesthetic, and place it where you have ample wall space.

2. Add Plants

Plants bring the beauty of nature to the inside of your home, and your bathroom should be included in this luxury! Choose plants that thrive in atmospheres full of moisture, and enjoy a little nature while you take your mornings showers or evening baths.

3. Play with Scents

Spas use aromatherapy for a relaxing experience for the customers, so why shouldn’t you bring that home? Invest in a couple of essential oils for your baths, so you can envelop yourself in their scents while scrubbing the day away. You could even bring a diffuser into the bathroom so the heavenly scents stick around long after you’ve pulled the bath plug.

4. Expand Your Tub

Many tubs are only just big enough to fit in the average person, so why not expand yours? You’ll be amazed at the difference a larger tub can make on your experience of bathing as well as the appearance of the bathroom itself!

If your tub is old, then it’s a good idea to get a new one. This way, you can create a new bathroom that matches your desired aesthetic. Have a look for ideas for your bathroom renovations, and create a space that both fulfils your cleaning desires and is pleasing on the eye.

5. Place Candles Around

The dim flicker of a candle can instantly take the atmosphere from average to indulgently relaxing. Bring a few of your favourite candles into the bathroom and enjoy the bliss of candlelight while you sink into warm, bubbly water.

6. Use Reusable Soap Dispensers

This one is a tiny change, but it can make a huge difference. Do you ever find yourself wandering through homeware stories and ignoring the little bathroom items like soap dispensers? They might seem like an unnecessary luxury, but they really can lift a bathroom! You can choose ones that match your bathroom’s aesthetic, and because they’re refillable, you can even have a go at creating your own liquid soap.

7. Choose Fancy Towels

Are you still using that old beach towel you bought from a place you can’t remember 10 years ago? It might be time for an upgrade. The difference a soft, fluffy towel can make is astounding, and you should experience it! Buy some new towels that match, and you can even assign different ones for different jobs. If you’re feeling extra posh, you can even get ones with your name embroidered.

8. Add More Shelves

A cluttered bathroom isn’t a relaxing bathroom. Make sure you have enough storage for all your bottles by adding enough shelves. You can then organize your bottles by type, colour, size – however you want! It will instantly make your bathroom look put-together and spa-like. You don’t want guests entering and seeing a bunch of nearly empty shampoo bottles at the bottom of your shower, after all!

9. Improve the Lighting

If you’ve created the perfect, luxurious bathroom, then you don’t want it spoiled by a bright ceiling light. Have a look for dimmer lighting that will create a calming atmosphere. Try to play with balance and layers, so there isn’t any harsh, direct light while you’re enjoying your evening soak.

10. Think of the Flooring

When you’re around your house, you will probably wear socks or slippers, but when you’re in the bathroom, much of the time, you will have bare-feet. This means you should pay particular attention to the flooring. Not only do you want it to look luxurious, but you also want it to feel gentle on your feet!

Following these tips will bring the spa straight to your home. No longer will you have to travel far and pay a large sum for a little luxurious cleansing!