While the average home has long been said to have only 8 windows, it may well have up to 21. Regardless of the precise numbers, windows are one of the most important parts of the home. They give you the natural light that keeps you healthy and let you look outside on days that you need to spend indoors.

Because of their significance, you need to keep a look out for signs that you need to get new windows. Here, we’re going to talk about some reasons that you may need window replacement, so read on for some signs that home renovation is an imminent concern.

1. You See Mold

If there’s mold on your windowpane or frame, you need to replace it immediately. Mold can cause severe health issues including respiratory disease and heart failure.

It often builds up where there’s dampness, darkness, and condensation. Poor quality windows with damaged weather stripping is often a culprit. If you see mold, change out your windows for new ones immediately or consider window repairs.

2. There’s Wear and Tear on the Frames

Wear and tear on your window frames is a warning sign that mold might be imminent. Even if no mold appears, though, you still should replace damaged and unsightly frames. They greatly lower your property value and are generally an eyesore from both inside your home and outside of it.

Wear and tear is also harmful because it means that the window frames may rot and come apart. When this happens, they will be unable to hold the glass properly. This could lead to breakage and collapsing.

3. Weather Stripping Is Damaged

Weather stripping stips rain and water from entering into your home. These elements could damage items indoors and cause condensation (and the much-dreaded mold we already discussed).

You can tell if the weather stripping is damaged because you’ll see light between the window frame and the glass. You also should check to see if it’s been flattened or bent.

4.You Feel a Draft

Having a draft coming from your windows means that they’re not doing their job. They’re meant to keep outside elements from coming in. Drafty windows mean that your house is exposed to the outdoors and the heat and cold that come with it.

Do a draft test around your windows once a month or so. This is as easy as running your hands across the windows and checking for a breeze.

If you think that you feel one, light a match and move it across the window frame. If at any point it flickers or bends, your windows aren’t working.

5. Damaged Glass Is Present

Damaged glass is one of the most obvious signs that you need a new window. Even a single crack can cause coolness, condensation, heat, rotted frames, or rain exposure. More than that, it simply means that your window isn’t doing its job.

6. Windows Jam and Stick

Windows, especially those with wooden frames, will expand and contract in different weather conditions. This is normal, especially during the summer months, and is generally not something to worry about. However, peristent jamming and sticking might indicate a larger issue.

It also is simply annoying when your windows won’t open properly. Look into getting a replacement if you often find yourself frustrated with a jam.

7. You Want More Natural Light

Natural light is a natural healant to all sorts of health problems. It boosts your vitamin D, which prevents both depression and skin issues. It also leads to high productivity, better vision, and higher-quality sleep (among other things).

If you only have small windows that aren’t letting a lot of light through, it might be time to replace them with larger ones. Try asking contracters to widen or lengthen your windows in rooms that you spend a lot of time in. This will heighten your exposure to natural light and help you to reap its benefits.

8. Your Windows Are Outdated

Ugly and outdated home elements can severely impact your property value. If you find your windows to be an eyesore or something out of a 60’s sitcom, you definitely need to change them ASAP. While this isn’t a health problem, it’s an issue that can weigh heavily on your mind.

9. You Personally Want a Change

Changing the environment that you live in is one of the biggest ways that you can change your life as a whole. If you personally are looking for a new lifestyle, renovating your home is a great way to do so. When you begin to think that a change would be nice, don’t hesitate to call in window replacement experts.

10. You’re Doing Other Home Improvement Projects

If you’re performing other home renovations, it might be best to replace your windows now. This will let you get everything done at once so you can feel great in your brand-new space. It will also give you the chance to ensure that your windows match the rest of your home decor.

Some people may also like to become a window dealer after replacing their own windows. This is an awesome way to get others to renovate their homes and feel as awesome as you do in your space. Find out more now!

Look Into Getting New Windows Today

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