There are so many fake HVAC contractors all over the place. You cannot risk trusting any HVAC maintenance contractor who looks trustworthy.

As with all business transactions, carry out your due diligence and ensure that you hire the right contractor. So, how do you go about signing HVAC maintenance contracts or commercial HVAC maintenance contracts with the right contractor?

Here are ten guiding questions to ask a prospective HVAC maintenance company/technician. Doing this will help you cover your interests before signing maintenance contracts for HVAC.

Before signing maintenance contracts, HVAC contractors should be asked the following questions: 

Question #1: Are you licensed to work in this area?

An HVAC maintenance contractor should show proof of licensing and certifications before signing the contract.

There are so many unlicensed HVAC maintenance companies providing their services to people. And employing their services can put your home and family at risk. For this reason, ensure that your prospective contractor has the license and permits to work in your city before signing maintenance contracts for HVAC.

A licensed HVAC contractor with a permit shows that the contractor has met the minimum HVAC requirements, training, and has the experience to do quality HVAC maintenance work.

And while at it, ask the contractor to list all the necessary paperwork and permits for your project.

Question #2: Do you have insurance?

Insurance is a must. So many things can happen during the routine maintenance of your HVAC system. The contractor may damage some HVAC components or part of the home while working. Or even cause you to suffer injury or accidental damage.

So, to cover any eventualities, ensure that the HVAC maintenance contractor has insurance. And don’t stop there. Get the documentation to verify the company’s insurance cover.

Question #3: Do you have references?

References are a big deal when dealing with a new HVAC maintenance contractor. They can save you from hiring the wrong contractor.

So ask for a list of previous clients (their names and telephone numbers) that the HVAC maintenance company has worked on. Then call them up. These clients will give you valuable feedback about the services of that particular contractor.

Ask about the quality of work, the price, the timeliness, and the professionalism of the contractor’s work. Knowing this information before signing the HVAC maintenance contract will save you a lot of headaches later on.

Question #4: What HVAC brands do you have experience in?

HVAC brands come in different makes and functionalities. And not all HVAC technicians have the expertise to repair all models.

Depending on your HVAC system model or brand, you have to ensure that the potential HVAC maintenance contractor has experience in maintaining your particular system before signing an HVAC maintenance contract.

Otherwise, you may end up hiring a contractor who doesn’t know how to maintain your HVAC well. And this could lead to the failure or breakdown of your HVAC system.

Question #5: What is and is not included in maintenance contracts for HVAC?

An HVAC maintenance proposal will often tell you what the prospective contractor will do for you. But what it doesn’t state is what they will not do for you. And usually, what is not stated in the proposal and quote is more important than what is stated.

So, get the big picture and ask what they will not do or cover before signing the HVAC maintenance contract. And let what they cannot do be agreed upon and expressly stated to protect you in any event that they fall back on their word.

Question #6: How will the HVAC system be maintained (how regularly)?

Keeping your HVAC system in top performance and increasing its lifespan requires regular maintenance. So, find out the prospective contractor’s HVAC maintenance package. This will show you the scope of work they will do.

These are some of the questions to ask;

  •     Do you have an HVAC maintenance plan?
  •     Will you check/inspect the entire HVAC system? Say, electrical components and ductwork.
  •     Will you include a fresh filter as part of your routine maintenance?
  •     Do you clean all the indoor and outdoor components during regular maintenance?
  •     How often will you service my HVAC system?
  •     Do you repair or replace any faulty or damaged HVAC components on-site?

Question #7: Have you confirmed the payment schedule in writing?

Both you and the contractor have to agree with the payment schedule. Decide on how and when you will pay him.

You can pay him the entire sum upfront or with partial payments (at the project’s start and finish).

Question #8: Does the HVAC maintenance proposal include documentation of resolving any disputes that may arise?

Disagreements are a part of life. This being the case, you may end up disagreeing with your HVAC maintenance contractor about some things in the course of his work with you.

So plan for this eventuality before signing an HVAC Maintenance contract. Ask the contractor to document the dispute resolution procedure properly.

Question #9: What kind of experience and training does your HVAC technician have? (Who is going to do the maintenance work?)

Buying and installing a new HVAC system doesn’t come cheap. So, to get the best value out of it, you have to maintain it correctly.

But you cannot just entrust the maintenance of your HVAC system to a company that has self-taught employees. When it comes to the quality of work, the knowledge, training, skills, and experience of your contractor’s HVAC technicians matter.

So ensure that the technicians have certifications in HVAC system maintenance before you sign the contract.

Question #10: Will you give me copies of all the documentation concerning this project?

For purposes of good record keeping (documentation), accountability, and safeguarding yourself against any eventualities (dispute resolution), you need to have all the facts, documents, and evidence concerning the project.

For this reason, the contractor must agree to give you copies of the company license, contract, proposal, quote, insurance cover, certifications, dispute resolution agreements, payment agreement, the scope of work, bids, calculations, and other necessary records. This will act as evidence in case things go wrong.


Before signing maintenance contracts, HVAC specialists should be able to answer the above-mentioned questions. The best HVAC maintenance contractor is one who puts your needs first. To hire one, visit this website.