Flooring serves as the foundation for any home design. When it comes to flooring, it’s best to think about several factors. Good flooring choices set off the rest of the home’s features to perfection. Today’s designers understand the need for flooring that makes sense. Floor design trends this year are all about modern materials that also pay homage to classic elements. At Gold Coast Polished Floors, we understand contemporary flooring trends. We help our clients discover what works best in their home and why. This is why our clients come to us. Explore the world of flooring right now and find out how to bring in light, elegance and great flair to your home.

Beautiful Rugs

Beautiful Rugs
Rugs are just as in vogue as ever. Today’s customers are looking for quality rugs made carefully. They want rugs that can endure a lot of use and still look good long term. Consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the value of a lovely rug made by experts. A well designed rug can serve as the focal point in any room.

Black and White Mosaics

Black and white is one classic combination that’s in style this year. The two strong colors combine to create a dynamic interior feel. Small mosaics are right for places that need a gentle background where other pieces can take center stage. Larger mosaics are the ideal way to create a focal point in any room.

Contrasting Perimeters

Picture frame borders offer a great way to add contrast and bring in a touch of another color at the same time. There are many ways to add a perimeter to any floor. A dark color, for example, will really stand out against much lighter materials. Two different types of flooring such as wood and stone trim are another way to bring in an unexpected element.

Hand Painting

Painting flooring, as so many people have discovered, is surprisingly easy. Hand painted floors are an excellent way to get a unique look that shows off your personality and sense of inner style. People can find pre-cut stencils to put on their floors and add something that helps bring in movement. This is a good choice for people who have not done any painting before. Hire an artist to put in a custom design for your home and you’ll be on point.

Large Tiles

Large Tiles
Larger tiles capture the eye immediately. Designers today are showing them off in almost every room. A series of large tiles can be used to create a path from one room to the next, set off a dining area from the rest of the living room and make any bathroom feel more dramatic. Larger tiles in marble are particularly popular this year. The cool stone, layers of color and formal feel appeal to people in search of something upscale.

Plush Carpeting

Plush, warm carpeting adds an extra layer of much needed relaxation in any room. Carpeting in a thick weave helps reduce the level of noise penetrating the home’s interior spaces. Homeowners are using carpeting in bedrooms and guest spaces to add an extra layer of luxury and help get a restful night’s sleep at the same time. Carpets are also been seen with many layers of rugs on top of them. This is one way to bring in lots of interesting patterns that can be easily coordinated with the rest of the home’s textiles and linens.

Relaxed Grey

Grey is the in color in flooring today. As one of nature’s most enduring neutrals, grey recedes into the background and offers a highly relaxed feel. Grey floors can be seen many modern design trends. One particularly popular use for use is in hardwood flooring in the kitchen. Grey floors bring to mind days in the sun and rustic cabins in the woods. If you’re redoing a kitchen, grey flooring blends in well with many kinds of kitchen items and styles. Greys that have lots of white tones work well with kitchen cabinets in the same plan. Darker greys are one way to add a hint of drama while still keeping to a soothing color scheme.

Tiles That Look Like Wood

Wood is an incredibly versatile type of flooring. People love wood floors. They’re elegant, easy to keep clean and add nature to any room. At the same time, wood can be damaged by water. Designers are combining these two looks with tiles that have the look of wood. Wood look tiles are ideal for spaces that have a lot of water use such as entryways and bathrooms. Use tiles that have wood grain in these spaces to add personality and functionality at the same time.

Unique and Sustainable

Unique and Sustainable
People love flooring with varied materials. At the same time, they want to preserve the earth’s resources. Designers are coming to the rescue with flooring from trees can be harvested carefully and planted again and again. People can find lovely flooring from places where techniques are being used to preserve precious nature. Flooring like mahogany and Brazilian hardwoods can be enjoyed in any home without fear. Those who want to gain the same look without the expense can find options that mimic the look of the wood without the price. Synthetics are just as beautiful and useful as the original woods.

Wide Planks

Wider planks go hand in hand with the use of contemporary large tiles. The two offer a dramatic feel that is also delightfully old-fashioned. A series of large planks brings to mind hat adored farmhouse country style. This a good choice for the dining room where lots of family style meals are served each week. It’s also a good choice in a kitchen where the goal is to create a space that invites lots of company. Look for dining room sets that have the same feel. Large wood plank seating provides style and plenty of places to sit comfortably.