15 Stunning Backyard Porch Design Ideas

Midcentury Backyard Porch Design

The backyard is one of the most important places to sit and relax and have a chit chat with family and friends. Usually, the backyard is always behind the house but there are changes taking place in backyards everywhere. Everyone need some natural and fresh air after leaving air-conditioned rooms and backyard is the only place you will get the comfort and relaxation after long work hours.

If you are looking to create new backyard porch or designing a new porch then you must check out this post before starting. Today we came up with these backyard porch ideas that will be sure to help you. Check out “15 Stunning Backyard Porch Design Ideas”.

Stunning Backyard Porch Design Ideas

Beach Style Backyard Porch Design

The midsized beach style backyard porch with natural stone pavers and roof extension along with sectional outdoor sofa in combination with the large marble tiles creates the natural and relaxing vibe.

Contemporary Backyard Porch Design

We love this amazing contemporary mid-sized backyard porch design with decking and a roof extension. Who wouldn’t like to have a swing outdoor like this one, with a hardwood floor.

Craftsman Backyard Porch Design

Craftsman Backyard Porch Design


This beautiful craftsman backyard porch gives you an amazing view and large sitting area included with natural stone pavers and rattan wood dining space.

Eclectic Backyard Porch Design

Eclectic Backyard Porch Design


Eclectic back porch idea decking and a pergola. The focal point of this backyard is pergola covered with colorful curtains and cushions on sofa.

Farmhouse Backyard Porch Design

This farmhouse backyard porch looks stunning with a combination of contrast matching floor and ceiling along with stone fireplace and hardwood flooring.

Industrial Backyard Porch Design

We love how the Industrial outdoor porch with decking on which includes white dining table set totally matches the shade of the hardwood floor great color symmetry.

Mediterranean Backyard Porch Design

Nicely designed Mediterranean porch with high exposed beam ceiling and chic furniture.

Midcentury Backyard Porch Design

This midcentury porch design with a fire feature, decking, and a roof extension is the best example of modern and contemporary amalgamation.

Modern Backyard Porch Design

This amazing modern porch designed for outdoor living. Mid-sized minimalist porch with a fire feature, concrete slab, and a roof extension.

Rustic Backyard Porch Design

Large rustic mountain style backyard porch with colorful and breathtaking design and cozy appearance is decorated in a perfect, whimsical manner.

Scandinavian Backyard Porch Design

This is a beautiful example of a mid-sized Scandinavian backyard porch design with decking and a roof extension.

Shabby-Chic Style Backyard Porch Design

This small shabby chic backyard patio is bright due to the use pop up colors. The colorful rug gives a really bold and natural feel to this patio.

Southwestern Backyard Porch Design

This is so southwestern patio, decorated in a perfect and beautiful manner with concrete slab and a roof extension. The metal sofa with cushion creates the vibrant ambiance.

Traditional Backyard Porch Design

This is beautiful large traditional timeless backyard porch with all white furniture and comfortable swing.

Transitional Backyard Porch Design

Large transitional backyard porch with amazing ceiling work and hardwood deck along with outdoor dining and barbecue makes this place a true heaven.

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